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I haven't done one of these in a few weeks, and I can mainly blame the fact that I've been prioritizing school and I've had some visits from friends and family. I've missed blogging though, and I have lots of New York posts I want to share. So let's start with some pictures from April, about a month ago. 
New York whiskers & lions

As I said in my previous NY update, spring time finally came to the city which meant that all trees were blooming. Because I didn't stop taking pictures of the blossoms, I made a collection of my favorites below. 

FLOWER POWER! I loved it. Spring is always my favorite season to be at home so I kind of missed it this year, but once I saw all the blossoming trees here I got really happy.

I've been continuing my quest of finding the best working spots in the city. This outdoor spot at The High Line Hotel was one of the best discoveries. A huge terrace, good coffee and a lot of sun! I'll write a new wifi-work-spot-post this week.

Beautiful West Village, one of my favorite neighborhoods to walk around. 

I got up early one morning to meet a friend in Brooklyn for breakfast at this cute spot. I decided to walk there, which was about 1.5 hours, over the Manhattan bridge and through Brooklyn. Here you can see the view from the bridge, pretty nice. 

I never really come in this part of BK, but I saw a lot of nice little restaurants and cafés along Myrtle Avenue, like this happy Mexican place.

Breakfast was at this really lovely little place which I'd been wanting to try for ages. I loved everything about it!

After breakfast, we decided to walk around Pratt Institute a bit, which is a school located in Clinton Hill. They have a really nice and relaxing campus! 

We also managed to talk our way into the library where we checked out some old Vogues. Could have spent hours browsing the books here.

After Clinton Hill it was time to explore more of Brooklyn, so we rented City bikes and bikes to Bushwick. 

Bushwick has some really cool graffiti walls, so it's the perfect area for taking photos and walking around. This photo looks pretty thought-out, but I actually had no idea that my hand was right in the middle of the heart. Lucky shot ;)

We got a little hungry so sat down for some veggie tacos at Los Tres Hermanos, a random and authentic Mexican place. 

We continued exploring some shops...

Found the famous Roberta's Pizza (must return for the pizza!)

We also discovered the Fine & Raw chocolate factory, where it smelled like heaven of course. They sell the chocolate at Whole Foods but the prices are really steep sadly. The chocolate is really really delicious though, it reminds me of Pana Chocolate from Melbourne.

I also wanted to see the newest pink restaurant, Carthage Must Be Destroyed. It has such a random location, so you kind of have to know where you're going. Luckily my friend knew!

The kitchen had closed when we arrived (and we weren't hungry tbh), so we just took some pictures inside. Look at the piles and piles of pink plates and fruit! Such interesting decoration, very different.

Heaven on a plate!

After Bushwick, we continued to Williamsburg, an area of Brooklyn I'm much more familiar with. I showed my friend Catbird, which is a really cute jewelry/gift shop. A must if you go to Williamsburg!

Graffiti art all over the place.

Although you're technically not allowed to, I've been chilling on the rooftop of my building. It's perfectly sunny and quiet. I love reading magazines here while eating my lunch.

What to do on a hot day? Get ice cream of course! I'm not a huge ice cream fan but if it's really good then I'll have it. And Morgenstern's happens to have some of the best ice cream I've ever tried. The salted chocolate I had was to die for. 

Some cafés and shops have little hidden gardens in the back, and you kind of have to know where they are. Saturdays (concept store) on Crosby Street has coffee in the front and a sunny courtyard in the back. And wifi!

Because in my class we're mostly girls (typical for a marketing master..), we decided to do a girls night, starting with snacks at one of the girls' place. The night ended with lots of dancing and a few too many drinks at one of my fave spots Paul's Baby Grand. 

The day after I had a breakfast date with one of my best friends who flew over from London, together with her best friends. The wait at Two Hands was too long so we headed to The Butcher's Daughter.

They have the best outside terrace if you ask me, so we sat in the sun. I tried the vegan cheese toastie which was super delicious.

So happy to see my bestie again! Because I've lived in different places my friends are kind of all over the world, so I don't get to see them as often as I want to. But when I do see them, it's the best thing ever 

After some shopping and strolling around SoHo, we sat down at Charlie Bird (their terrace is also great!) for some afternoon rosé and snacks. I've been to Charlie Bird a couple more times in the last few months and it has quickly become one of my favorite restaurants. And it's basically around the corner from where I live!

Despite the good weather and relaxing day, I still had to continue my half-marathon training. So I went for a nice evening run along the Hudson river. 

At night I had dinner at friends, who have the two cutest cats. They're brothers and incredibly hard to tell apart.

Sunny SoHo!

I love living in New York because there are always people I can connect with through mutual friends. So I met one of my best friend's friends at Atla for a quick lunch

At night, it was time to meet up again with the Swedish group, so I took them to Bar Pitti for a casual Italian dinner. Funnily enough, we all decided to take the same pasta (also one of the best ones on the menu), the Pappardelle Alla Fiesolana. Ask for no bacon if you want to have it vegetarian like me!

I've been wanting to go to Freemans for a while, but I haven't found an occasion to go. It looks so cute from the outside!

I got these take-away coffee cups from Flying Tiger and I keep getting complimented on them (like "ohh such a cute cup, where did you get that??") haha

On Sundays, my favorite thing to do is to go to Williamsburg, so I took all the girls there. We walked over the Williamsburg Bridge and walked around a bit!

Because it was incredibly hot that day, we decided to sit in the shade at Diviera Drive for a yummy lunch and a cold pitcher of beer. I shared this amazing mushroom pizza with my friend.

Happy girls! I love this photo so much, I'm happy I captured this moment.

While the girls shopped at Urban Outfitters I checked out their book section, which was pretty interesting. I'm always tempted to buy books here but I refrain myself because I can't take them back to Belgium.

The weather was so hot and heavy, so a tropical rainstorm was inevitable. It only lasted 10 minutes luckily!

My dear Nathalie and I!

Every Sunday up until the half-marathon, I did a long distance run. Usually at sunset, especially on hot days. On this particularly hot day, I ran 18 kilometers. My longest training and also one of the toughest. 

I stopped at the Classic Car Club along the Westside Highway for a little break. They have the coolest cars!

By the time I got to the halfway point it was dark and the temperature finally started to drop.

The following morning I was back at the Cadillac House to get some work done. I love this space!

The Clover Deli just opened a new grocery store/deli a few doors down. They have a lot of nice (expensive) things and everything looks beautiful!

On Monday evening I went to watch a real Yankees game with my classmates in the Yankees Stadium. A real bucket list experience if you're living in New York. We sat so far up that we couldn't really follow the baseball game so well, but I didn't mind because the sunset was incredible.

Of course, we had to buy Yankees caps. And what better place to do that than at the Yankees Stadium?!

London feelings in New York :)

Because I hadn't been to the 9/11 memorial yet, I decided to walk there on a warm afternoon. 

I'm really impressed with this memorial, I think it's the most beautiful way we can honor the people that passed away on 9/11. 

After the memorial I also checked out Calatrava's Oculus, which is a shopping mall on the inside. I really like the building! Apparentl, it's inspired by a white pigeon's wings.

I picked up a matcha green tea crêpe at Takahachi Bakery because I heard it was amazing. I ate it while I read in my book, but to be honest, I didn't like it at all. Not worth the hype!

Found a tiny random park called Albert Capsouto. It's kind of cute and the view is too good!

The Ulla Johnson store on Bleecker St always has the best flower arrangements. The florist is called Saipua!

Azzedine Alaïa makes the most beautiful dresses. And while I can't afford them (one day, one can dream!) I love trying them on and feeling like a princess for a moment. 

My fave Dutchie Annemerel was in town for a couple of days, so on her first night we headed out for dinner at Blue Ribbon Izakaya. 

The next day I didn't have classes so we met for breakfast at Two Hands

Followed by a walk along the Hudson River.

A piece of red velvet cake from Magnolia Bakery (which I didn't like at all, and I usually love red velvet)

And finally a quick lunch at ByChloe. I wasn't that hungry after all the food we had so I had a little broccoli soup while Annemerel had a healthy pre-flight Caesar salad.

Because Annemerel is a real blogger, I had to take her to my favorite Instagram wall ;)

The next day was all about finishing a big school project. After spending most of the day at uni, I was super hungry so I went to Urbanspace Vanderbilt (an indoor food market).

I went for a little Roberta's pizza, which was so delicious! Doesn't it look like the perfect pizza?

There are always various street artists in Washington Square Park, and on this particular day it was a guy who made the biggest soap bubbles. The kids loved it and everyone stood and watched how they chased the bubbles. 

If this doesn't make you happy then I don't know what does :)

On Friday it was time for another little girls night with my single friends (by coincidence haha). We went for a very late dinner at Café Select. I had a really yummy dish: spätzle with wild mushrooms. 

Aorund 1 AM we finally left the dinner table and decided to go dancing. We first went to Up & Down, followed by PHD Rooftop which was kind of horrible. 

So we ended up at one of the best places to go out, Casablanca. The music was so good here so we just danced until they closed!

I was quite tired the next day so I needed caffeine all day. Bluestone Lane makes a pretty good cuppa.

Time for another sunset run. I can't get enough of these sunsets in New York.

On Monday I went to my friend's place to study together. I loved the flowers on her coffee table, so pretty!

At night it was time for another event together with a bunch of Belgian people. The host of the event was Pascale Naessens who was in New York to introduce the English version of her book.

She gave a long lecture about her way of eating, and I agreed with most things she said. Although some things weren't really correct in my eyes (like she said you can eat as many healthy fats as you want), I think her vision on food is really good and it has helped a lot of people in Belgium in a positive way! Pascale is really someone I look up to.

The event was located near the Flatiron, which is always a treat. I always take a picture when I pass by #foreveratouristinnewyork

The next day it was time to pick up my race bib for the half-marathon! How cool is this wall made from moss? 

I hoped you liked this post from April in New York! I must catch up on my NY posts so more are coming. 

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