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This was June, and my last weeks in New York started. I tried to make the MOST of every second here, while also juggling deadlines and final projects. I went to a beach in New York (yes a real beach!), tried a popular model workout, discovered the quietest most relaxing swimming pool in the city and partied with Leonardo DiCaprio (well, kinda). All the places I mention in this post are in my New York Guide, have you seen it yet?

On one of the hottest days, a couple of friends and I decided to escape Manhattan and explore one of New York's beaches: Rockaway Beach. There's a ferry which goes from FiDi directly to Rockaway, which takes about 45 minutes if I remember correctly. 

We chilled on the beach for a while and watched the surfers. Can you believe this is so close to Manhattan? 

My friend knew a good place for tacos in Rockaway, so we headed there at the end of the day. I would have never walked into this place, right by the subway tracks in a not-so-charming area.

The place is called Tacoway Beach and it's an outdoor food truck kinda thing, hidden inside a little a courtyard. 

We ordered a nice spread of tofu tacos, black bean and sweet plantain quesadillas, esquites and chips + guac. It tasted as good as it looks and I'd go as far as saying these are the best tacos I had in New York (prob also the cheapest). Super fresh and flavorful! If you're in Rockaway this is a must. 

We missed the boat back to Manhattan because I didn't check the correct times (oops), so we waited quite some time for the next boat while the sun was setting. Can you see the city?

I attended another Rumble class. These group boxing classes are really making me like group classes, time goes by so fast and you're so sweaty after!

Met up with an old highschool friend at The Wild Son for brunch. My roommate recommended this place and I'm kind of sad I didn't try it earlier because this might be one of my favorite brunch spots. The avocado toast it really different than usual because of the herby yogurt base. And the pancakes (first pic in this post) are to die for. We shared the two which was a perfect mix.

I've seen these little art works all over the city. I love street art in New York, people really make the effort to create something special and then use old doors or walls to "expose" their art.

I think you already know by now that The Westside Highway river park is one of my favorite places in the city. To run, walk, bike or even read a book. 

New York might not have many fresh produce markets, but there are tons of little fruit stalls around the city. I got these strawberries and mangoes for a couple of dollars (I think $2) and the grapefruit from Trader Joe's (they are the best grapefruits I've ever eaten).

My roommate and I went to Hu Kitchen for dinner, a mostly paleo-gluten-free-veggie restaurant. I like vegan food and my roommate gluten-free so this was perfect for us!.

I must say I wasn't blown away by the food. I should go back again to try more, because their breakfast and juices look amazing.

Golden hour on the Jenga tower in Tribeca. 

Went to the Bari Studio one morning with my roommate to try a "bounce" class, which was interesting. You use a tiny trampoline and elastic bands to hold on to, and follow a little routine and certain movements. I felt very uncoordinated and slightly ridiculous for an hour or so. Fun(ny) to try but I don't think I'll go back haha.

After our workout we got some coffee at Everyman Espresso. They messed up our orders and the coffee was super expensive, but the coffee was really good. And there's wifi ;)

I love walking up 5th Avenue from Washington Square Park. 

Ahh my favorite building in the city, at golden hour. 

We went to a really fun rooftop party (Caravan Gitane) at The Public Hotel with a bunch of friends, probably the best rooftop party I did in New York.

I discovered this new healthy café in SoHo called Dr. Smood. It reminded me a lot of Joe and the Juice, but it's nicer and they have better food and drinks. 

Reformation is my favorite discovery in New York when it comes to clothes. It's a beautiful sustainable clothing brand which mostly makes amazing dresses. They didn't have this dress in my size anymore (the zipper isn't closed in the back), so I got a Tortoise dress instead. 

My friend Anni took me to Mala Project one night, a place I would have never discovered if it wasn't for her. It's kind of Asian cuisine. You get a big menu, pick some ingredients and rice and then you get this big flavorful bowl. We ordered a vegetarian bowl and it was so much food! And it was really cheap too. 

I like going to the gym late at night because it's almost empty. Between 6 and 8 PM there's almost no space to work out which is really frustrating, so I go around 9 or 10!

Met some classmates for brunch at Ruby's Café, which has doubled in size since the last time I went. Their spinach farro halloumi salad is my favorite thing on the menu. 

I met the cutest little black puppies on my run, so small and fluffy I had to stop and pet them :)

The more I go to The Butcher's Daughter, the more of a rip-off I think it is. Don't get me wrong, I like the food and the service is always incredibly friendly, but it's just too expensive if you compare it to similar places. 

I might have mentioned it before but Box + Flow is one of the best workouts I tried, a combo of boxing and yoga. So so good. 

Found this cute little bakery on Greenwich Ave, which now also serves ice cream, hence the neon sign. It's called Mah-Ze-Dahr. 

I caught up with a friend over lunch at Bluestone Lane on Greenwich Ave. The avocado toast is delicious here, though not the best I've had.

Time for another run. I feel like I need a new goal now that I've done a half-marathon. Maybe another one to improve my time? I feel like I'm far far away from doing a full marathon..

Found a mulberry tree whilst running, and they were perfectly ripe. So sweet! People asked me what I was doing so I made them try real NY mulberries ;)

Since I only had a couple weeks left in the city, I tried to meet up with my New York friends one more time before leaving. I met Fernando for some dumplings followed by an affogato at Fresco. 

I had an oreo affogato, so so good. I think affogatos are my new favorite summer dessert. It's small, easy to make and it contains strong coffee. (How to make a regular affogato: put one scoop of vanilla ice cream in a glass and pour over a single shot of hot espresso. Easy.)

Two of my classmates invited everyone over for a barbecue at their place in New Jersey. Their neighborhood is really green and residential, and look at this view! We started around 5 PM and left around 1 AM, and the temperature didn't drop below 27 degrees. Perfect summer night!

On a Thursday I met two friends at Cotenna for dinner. I hadn't been but I wished I did because I loved the food and atmosphere. It's simple, affordable and cozy. Highly recommended!

We shared some tiramisu...

And ended up being the last customers at the restaurant, until the owners gently kicked us out. What followed was a fun night out, going from one bar/club to the next. Unplanned nights are always the best.

The day after was a little less fun. I was super tired and had to work for uni. Around 5 PM I decided to walk to Madison Square Park and treat myself to a Shake Shack shroom burger (yes I got TWO) and fries. 

Loved this quote inside the Dior store. 

Another sunset run! One of my last...

To escape the heat a little bit, I headed to Roosevelt Island with three friends for a pool session. It costs $25 to enter I remember correctly, but compared to the $50 you pay at most hotel pools, it's worth it.

This pool also seems to be an undiscovered gem because it wasn't crowded at all! 

It felt like a mini holiday in the city! It's a summer pop-up so go there while the summer lasts..

At night I met a friend at the opening of the rooftop at Spring Studios.

Spring Studios is like a creative space/members club so it's basically a massive building with studios, work spaces, a restaurant/bar and even a cinema lounge. I had to keep my cool because I spotted Chace Crawford and Leonardo DiCaprio here, aiii. 

Although I had planned on going home after the event, I decided to join some friends at Socialista. It's a really tiny but fun bar/club above Cipriani. I saw the same people from the previous event here again, so by now Leo and Chace were practically my new bff's. (hah not)

Because I had already given up on the idea of going to bed early, we ended the night at a little club inside 1Oak. Leo too :')

After going out in New York, you get a slice. It's a must. (I tell myself)

The next day I went for a walk on the High Line at sunset, one of the best moments of the day. Take a look...

Isn't it beautiful??

I met the girls at B Bar & Grill for a drink one night. There's a giant outdoor terrace which is perfect for hot nights. During the day they serve Mexican food. It's a good place to meet before going out. 

We tried out 205 club for the first time. It's super tiny inside but the music is really fun, you know, all sing-a-long songs. Super fun night!

Whenever I walk home at night, I always pass this shop on purpose because of the cute kitty that lives here. 

Hope you still enjoy reading these posts. It already feels like an eternity ago! 

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